Matthew 28:19-20
"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have coommanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Luke 9:23
Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

22 August 2010

While it has been 5 months today since I left my beloved Tunnel Hill and my friends and family back home. I have truly seen God move in some Amazing ways here and HE has taught me so much in these 5 months.

I got up and went to church and the sermon was on “Not judging and doing unto others how you would have them do unto you." It was also on A.S.K. Ask, Seek, Knock!!!!!!  Then the children presented a program of what they have been learning in Children’s church.

We all went to eat at Ling Lings for lunch and I finally got home just before 4. I worked some things on the computer and then went out to see my neighbor. She thanked me again and asked me to stay and wait on Stephanie to come home so she could see her shoes. She told me she does not know what she will do when I am gone.

Then I went in and was washing up the dishes while my roommate cooked. Just as I went to turn the water off the pipe under our sink burst and water was everywhere. She called her aunt who sent a guy out time he got there I had already empty our large basin twice and was about to have to empty it again. He cut the water off and said he would have to come back tomorrow to fix it.

So needless to say it was an other very long day. We did not eat until after 9 and now it is 11:35p.m. and I am still wide awake.

21 August 2010

I got up and went to babies home and did some things until 1:45pm then it was time. It was time for me to go and get Sophia and Stephanie to go buy school shoes. I got home to find Lois was not ready yet and that Stephanie was still in the village with her aunt and not going to get to go.

So at around 3 we left for town the 3 of us on a boda me sitting behind the driver holding Sophia side saddle and Lois side saddle beside me. Who would ever thought that you can get 3 adults and a child on one motorcycle all with no helmets. We got to the end of town to the nice shoe store. Only to find out that the shoes that Lois really wanted for girls where twice as expensive as she thought they would be.

They were 40,000 shillings ($20) a pair instead of the 20,000 ($10) she thought they would be (she was going to pay 20,000 on them and I was going to pay 20,000) so she told the man they were too much and we walked out. We went to another shoe store to look but they had none. She said we could go look in the market, but I knew she had her heart set on NEW SHOES for her girls not just a used pair from the market.

So I asked her if those were the ones she really wanted the girls to have for school and she said yes but they are to expensive. I told her if those where the ones I wanted go ahead and get them for them and she said if you will pay 60,000 I will added the other 20,000. So back to the store we went to by new shoes (because they have not had new shoes in over at least 2 years now).

Then I took the two of them to Ozzis to get a soda and cinnamon rolls. We ate them and Sophia was so happy and so was Lois. She thanked me over and over for what I did for her family. I told her I was thankful that GOD is the one who provided the money for me to it. I am very thankful for everything that GOD has done here and provided.

Then I left them and headed to Masese to see my “Sweet Betty” where I found her sitting on the porch when I arrived just like the big girl she should be. I just can not tell you what that means to me. I continue to PRAISE GOD for what HE is doing in her life.

I went inside to see Nabakoza who was wide awake and very alert. Such an amazing change from the other night. PRAISE GOD. Wednesday night/Thursday morning I truly did not think this child would make it. Then today she has been up and out of bed with help. I can’t stop PRAISING GOD for what HE is doing.

I said good bye to my Betty and walked to find a boda. I have really come along way in just 5 months. Here I was in this little town/village all by myself with all these little kids run out from huts, homes, school houses, fields and tiny stores to shake my hand and holler “Muzungu how are you”. And feeling like this is truly where GOD wants me to be. Then a boda pulled up and said I take you where? So off to my part of Jinja again.

I got back to town just about 6:30 and just stayed in town because we were having a surprise party for Pastor Terry at 7:00 at the Keep. So I stayed for the party and came home around 9:30 or so.

20 August 2010

It seems like I had just laid down when the alarm went off for me to get ready to leave for Kampala. At 7:15 a.m. the driver hooted to let me know that he was here so here I get into a car with another man I did not know. As I am getting into the car with this stranger I am thinking to myself I has taught as a very little girl to never get in the car with a stranger and here I am almost 39 years old in a 3 world country where I am on a daily bases either get in the car or on the back of a boda with a man I do not know. And I thank GOD that HE keeps me safe.

We pull in to Amy’s and wait and wait, then she finally come out next we go get Ashley and Dianna. Then by 7:45 a.m. we were off and on our way. It is about a two hour drive to Kampala. When we reached Kampala traffic was terrible (and got worse as the day went on). I just do not see how people drive here in Africa to me it is worse then driving in Atlanta. Everyone drives on each others bumper and bodas weaving in and out in such small spaces. I truly do not see how they do fit in between those cars the way they do.

Amy and I went to the local craft market while Ashley took Dianna to her doctor appointment. Then Amy and I went to find the lady who was making the uniforms and we drove and drove and drove to find her place. I took her the material but she did not have the other uniforms ready for us.

I sent Renee a text to see how everything was. She said that Nabakoza was up and eating some real food. PRAISE GOD. Here mom got there yesterday and they really did not think that she was going to make it but PRAISE GOD she has.

Then Amy and I went to find African fabric and our driver let us out in a place we did not know where we were really. Then this total stranger came out of no where to say Muzungu you come with me I have a shop and material. He took us down all these streets and back allies and I was very thankful that it was day light and that I was not alone. We when in and out of all these little shops but it as all more than it was in Jinja.

By now it is time to meet Ashley and go get some lunch. I picked up two Africa charms one to add to my PRAY CHARM BRACLET and one for my necklace. This way I can look at these when I am back in the states and remember my African babies the same way I look at my charms from home now and remember my babies from home.

Amy took me to a place you can actually buy things from America at but she also told me that I would have to really want it to pay the price they where asking. She said the carry things like stove top stuffing for 30,000 shillings which is $15 a box and things like that. I did not even look because it was all so high. I was just happy and thankful that I had people back home who loved me so much that they where willing to send me things from home. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

We then went to the lawyers office to turn stuff and ask him some questions then we went to do a little shopping in the BIG grocery stores before heading back to Jinja. We started back around 7:15 p.m. or so Dianna set in my lap in the front sit and slept. This something else I have had to get use to here kids not being in safety seats or seatbelts.

We were headed home and just through the forest then our drive said we have a problem. We ran out of gas, he left us on in the road and kept wanting to turn the emergency lights off. Until finally Amy asked him to get us out of the road. Then after a very long time in the dark on the side of the road a boda brought us gas.

It was now almost 10:00pm and we all went to Sandy’s who had use salad and hot dogs ready to eat. And the keys to the babies home van so I had to take Amy & her boys and Ashley & Dianna home then myself. It was almost midnight now. Another long day and very, very little sleep.

I am very thank for that GOD kept us safe and got us home in one piece.

18 August & 19 August 2010 (TWO DAYS IN ONE)

Today was defiantly on of those days that kept you on your toes and on your knees in prayer……. I got up and went to the office to get a few things done before our Wednesday bible study where I ended up with a sleeping baby boy on my chest the whole time (which you know I loved).

Then when we returned to the babies’ home to find Mama Catherine crying and several of the other mamas around her. I asked Souixanne what was wrong and she said that they had come last night to get her and tell her that her daughter-in-law had died. Now standing there with those mamas we found out just what happened, she died from complications from an illegal abortion and we also found out that her and Mama Catherine‘s son, David, had been living together for two year but where not married. She was 2 ½ months and she was just 18 (he‘s 21). She went to a midwife and got herbs to abort the baby but her body did not abort it like she wanted it to and she hemorrhaged to death. Then we also found out that they had just arrested the midwife for giving her the herbs and David because the girls family did not know where she was (she had been missing for 5 years but she had only been with David 2 of those years, don’t know where she was the first 3 years). He was arrested because he did not pay the bridal price for her hand in marriage to her father and she was still a minor.

I felt so sorry for Mama Catherine, her pour family has had a really bad year. You see just a year ago July 25 her youngest son (which she had adopted from Amani) was electrocuted by a neighbors fence which was hooked up to way to much voltage illegally. He and several of his cousins were play and decided to see who could race to this fence first and he touched before the rest of the boys did and he was killed instantly. And her family has been through several other things in the past few weeks.

While I was there with her I got a text from Renee to tell me that Betty weighed in a whopping 7 kilograms which is 15.3 pounds. She is 14 years old and weights least than 15 ½ pounds. Praise GOD she did not test positive for HIV. The other little girl (who I would find out later is actually 23 years old) weighed in at 17 kilograms so around 35 pounds.

Because of all of what was going on with Mama Catherine and the fact I could not get a hold of my interpreter I did not go out to teach my street boys. Instead I took plumpy nut and some special milk powder out to Masese to Renee. Who told me that the other little girl Nabakoza was not doing good at all. They got all the jiggers out of her feet, bottom and arms but they were really bad and really long because they had been there for along and there was a lot of infection. She also had some really bad bed sores (about the size of a silver ½ dollar coin). She has been throwing up and diarrhea all day. If she does not improve then they will have to take her to a hospital.

I visited with my “Sweet Betty” for a little while. She was so happy and she is doing so good here. Then I had to say good bye to go back to finish up some things at Amani. Mama Agatha, Mama Susan and Mama Lois where in the office when I returned and they asked about Betty and Nabakoza. I told them just how bad she was. I finished up some things and Amy called to see if I waned to meet her & the boys for coffee so I did that is where this day went into over drive.

Around 7.…..

My phone rang just as we had finished our coffee and it was Renee with this slight panic in her voice I hate to asked, are you doing anything (I could tell something was wrong) I said no, can you come ……. Nabakoza has taken a turn for the worse and we are heading to Kampala with her to the hospital. So can you come stay with Betty and the other kids……. I told her let me run grab a few thing from home and I would be on my way back out.

I have learned that that when there is a sick child you really don’t think about anything else especially about your own safety. Here it was dark and I am about to get on the back of a boda head 20 minutes or so out of town back to Masese. Remember it is not safe traveling in Africa after dark especially alone so what was I thinking……… that is just it I was not think about anything but that sick child who was very close to dying. So all the way there I prayed for safety and for this child and me as my boda driver darted in and out of traffic and in-between cars and down all these long very dark roads. .

I reached Renee’s but her and Shana had already left to go with this child. I walked into a room filled with several Ugandan ladies and several crying babies. I was the only Muzungu in the house or on this compound for that matter. I walked up to the kitchen counter and told the lady who was cooking I was Auntie Tracey and Renee asked me to come stay while she took the sick child to the hospital. She said I am Mama Joyce and you are most welcome.

Then for the next few hours I set there holding baby after baby. Especially one set of the two sets of twins that are there. At one point I had a twin in each arm and another child on my lap (the little girl on my lap was about 4 or 5). She kept getting closer and closer to me until she was leaning on me and pushing on my legs so I asked her if she was wanting on my lap and her shy little head barely gave a nod yes. So of course I picked her up. .

I also sit there and watched as Betty’s sister fed her and cared for her. Then she laid her on the couch while she helped washed the supper dishes. Betty laid there and smiled and laughed the whole time she was in the kitchen. Then she took her and bathed her and got her ready for bed.

Later Mama Joyce brought me another little girl and said will you hold until and I am done then she finished cleaning and I took this child to change and bathe. When I was done she took her from me and told me it was bad time and that I was to sleep up stairs in Renee’s room and that I would have Selah to take care of and her bottles were already up stairs (this is Renee’s little girl that she is adopting).

I went up stairs to shower and write awhile so here is where is day gets even longer……..

at around 11:44pm I growl in bed with Selah who about 1 year old. So course I can’t sleep I text Renee to see how Nabakoza is and she text back that so far they had not found a hospital to take her. I just dozed off not long before the little angel laying beside me wanted to be fed which was 2:05 am. So I got up got her bottle ready and feed her then of course that led to a dipper having to be changed. I got her back to sleep and had just laid back down myself to close my eyes when I heard the van horn blowing and the gate being opened. 3:15AM


I got up but pillows around my sleeping Selah and down stairs I went, Mama Joyce was in the kitchen and told me they are in there with her and pointed to the other bed room. There I found two very tired young ladies and I very sick and very, very lifeless little girl. I asked how she was. Renee said not good and she said that they when to 4 different hospitals and no one would take her. She said , one hospital never opened their gate to even let us drive in, another came out to the van, looked at her and said she is too bad you take her somewhere else. Then the next one they waited on the floor for over an hour for them to put in a drip and all they wanted to do was look at her and say they have never seen anything like this ……. an adult case of malnutrition ……. I looked at her and asked how old is she, she said she is 23 years of age and weighs all of 17 kilograms. One doctor all he could say was I wish I had my camera. Then when I asked them what were they going to do to help her they said she is to bad you just need to take her home.

Shana said the doctors and nurses really gave Nabakoza sister a hard time about her being in this shape (which they should have) but she would say she had CP their tone would change they would said I see why she was neglected that so okay. Like having a child with CP gives you the right to do this to a child. (I keep asking myself: How could anyone say they are a mother or family and do this to a child especially for 23 years? How has she survived like this for this long? It is truly by the GRACE OF GOD.)

They went to a forth hospital and they were the same as the last one they said, we can do a drip but that is all. So they just brought her home and made her comfortable, hung a drip (IV) & covered her with every blanket in the house because she was so, so cold. I truly did not think this child would survive and all I could do is pray that GOD’S WILL would be done.


All the babies were crying and Renee asked why. Mama Joyce told her the stove had ran out of propane gas so Renee called Katie to see if Shana could come get her tank. I rode with her to get it. We started out of Masese and looked down at the gas hand on the van which was on E and either one of us brought our wallets. I prayed that GOD would get us there and back safely on Empty. We arrived at Katie’s and blew for the night guard to let us in but he never came finally Katie came out with the tank and a key to open the gate. We never did find out where her night guard was. So here Shana and I go droving back to Masese and we arrived safely and we Praised GOD HE got us there and back on EMPTY.

We heat water for bottles and make hot water bottles to but around Nabakoza because her little body was so cold and could not heat itself. We also realized that vain the iv was in had stopped working so had to find another one. Shana had doze off for a little while so I give Nabakoza juice by a syringe while Renee searched for a vain. Put there was not one to be found I started praying and praying even harder then I had earlier for this frail little girl who was now so lifeless and final Renee found one that the needle would go into. So by now it was almost 6 in the morning. Renee told me to go back up stair to try to get a few hours sleep before I had to go to work at Amani.


I got back up stairs and had just laid down when the beautiful little girl beside me decided that it was time to eat again. So I fixed her second bottle fed her and changed her again and held her until she was back to sleep. I laid her back down about 7 and lay there myself listen to the sound of an African morning.


She was awake and so was I (oh that right I had never really been to sleep to start with).

So I changed my little stinker and took her down stairs to find her mom. Who was laying by Nabakoza (who PRAISE GOD had made it through the night). I then went to check on my “Sweet Betty” and head out to Amani.


I walked up the hill from Renee’s with tears in my eyes as I heard several children howler Muzungu, there is a Muzungu, then come running toward me so I waved and said good morning. I walked up the next hill and was started down it with all these people looking at these Muzungu walking through this village when finally a boda come towards me and said I take you? I take you where? I told him I needed to go back to Jinja and he you sit and we go. So here I was on yet the back of another boda head back to Jinja.

I arrived the babies home a little after 9. And started another long day. I was still praying for Nabakoza to make it and for Renee and Shana as they care for her. I asked several of my Ugandan mamas just how a family (a mother) could let a child live like that in those conditions for 23 years. None of them could make an sense of it or understand themselves. The other question I had was how could 4 hospitals turn down such a sick child and still call themselves a hospital. The Mamas all said they just did not want her to die at their hospital.

It was almost 12:30pm when I text Renee to see how they all were because I was not the only who did not sleep last night. She text back that Nabakoza had opened her eyes and they had bathed her. I was praising GOD for this because this was a great improvement over last night.

It was a bout 1:30pm or 2pm when Siouxanne and I went to get lunch. I still can’t make since of how things are her in Africa and how no one really seem to care or want to do anything about these kinds of situations. I know I can’t change the whole world but I can help one life at a time and try to make a difference where ever I am especial with GOD’S help.

It was about 3:30pm we stopped by the PO box and there was another one of those wonderful slip for me this one from Pat Helton and her ladies Sunday school class ( I had told Siouxanne I was looking for this one to come). I rushed to the back of the post office quickly signed in (this is something we now have to do since the bombing) and ran inside. Handed the gentleman my slip and said I am here to pick up a package for me. He went to the room to retrieve it and came back with this BIG postal bag I paid him my 3,000 shillings.

He said it is heavy and how will you take it, I told him I had a friend on the other side of the build with a car today so I would leave it with him and go ask her to drive around but about that time my phone rang and it was her, she asked where I was and I told her I was on the back side picking up a package and she said she would drive around. He then said that he had to have the mail bag back so I asked him would he carry it out for me so he did. He got to the car with it and cut the rope of the bag and dumped the package in the back seat.

It was then we knew why the box was in the bag to start with it was all busted open. So we took it back to the house instead of the babies home. Then I went back to the babies home and worked until about 5:15pm or so since I won’t be here tomorrow. I am going to Kampala with Amy & Ashley. We have to take some things to the lawyer, I have to take material to the lady who is making our uniforms and Dianna has a DR appt. I have not been to Kampala since before the bombing.

Then I walked home with Lois and thought I would come straight in, bathe, eat and go to bed. But instead I came and opened my wonderful package. I got markers, crayons, paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, candy, pencils, colored pencils, craft stuff and bible story books and even one with a DVD just to name part of it. Considering how bad the box was looked for the most part everything was in pretty good shape excite for one box for crayons, a box of chalk that was in a million pieces and several things where out of their boxes. Thank you so, so very much for all that you sent and for loving me so much.

Then I took a two of the coloring books, crayons, scissors, glue, and pencils out to my neighbor for her two little girls to start school with in a couple weeks. She was so thankful to get those things. I visited with them for a while and then she asked me what time can we go Saturday. I am taking her and her two girls to town to buy school shoes. I had promised the girls if they got good grades this last term of school that I would take them to get something in town and they mom asked me if I would get school shoes. I said that was fine. She told me the day grades came out the girls could not wait to get home to show me what they did. They told their mom we have to see Auntie Tracey, we have to show her, she promised she would take us to town if we did good. So they are so excited about what they have earned and so is their mom.

Then I came inside, fixed me something to eat, feed me and the guard and made him his tea. Then took my bath and instead of going to bed I started typing and now it is 12:26 a.m. and I am sill wide awake and have to get up at 6:40 am in the morning to be ready to leave for Kampala by 7:15 a.m. So I guess I had better go to bed and try to sleep. While I tried but still can’t sleep so here I still on the computer WIDE AWAKE at 2:37 a.m.

17 August

Today I got up early to get a couple things done in town before going to the baby home. Then I went to the office to work and around 12:00 I ran to town to get some cinnamon rolls for Mama Agatha, Mama Lois, & Mama Maggie. I got back just before one of the BIG RAINS for today.

Several of us got together to take Mexican pot luck over to Siouxanne’s so we could be with Ashley because not only would yesterday have been Peace’s 1st Birthday but it was a month today since she died. Then afterward we all went to “the Keep” for coffee.

Ashley told me she might my “Sweet Betty” and that she has fallen in love with her too. I told her that was not hard to do. She was telling me what Renee said about how different it was going to pick up Betty then it was Nabakoza. Betty’s family had just finished feeding and bathing her and had just dressed her in her “smart” clothes for Renee to pick her up and how different her sister Lidia was than Nabakoza sister Lidia was. Betty’s sister has help bathe her, feed her and even help with the dishes at Renee’s unlike Nabakoza sister she has asked to give her a bath and all she did was take her and sit her in a basin of water.

16 August

I did not go to bed until 3 then I got up real early because today is the day my “Sweet Betty “ is going to get some much needed care and feeding at “Serving His Children”. But today is also a sad day because it would have been “Baby Peace’s” 1st birthday today.

I went into town early to get internet renewed for another month and of course it has gone up we I first came to Uganda I could get unlimited Internet for 90,000 shillings a month ($45) but now you pay by the G it cost me 250,000 shillings for 12 G which barely lasts a month ($125) and then it was off to the post office to check our box and there was my favorite thing to find a package slip with my name on it. This package was from my mom, sister and her family. It is always so exciting to get packages from home. I rushed back to the babies home to open it and of coarse Mama Agatha and Mama Lois had to watch me open it, they have helped open all my packages. And they always tell me they must really love you and care about you back in the states. And we are thankful that they do because we also benefit from it.

Then I went back into town and took care of some Amani business. It is always a good when things balance and there is money left for another day especially when you are dealing with caring for 53 children. I worked on some other things well I waited for my phone to get that text saying my girl was safe and sound.

Then finally I got it little after 2. Renee texted to tell me she had “Sweet Betty” and an other little girl who was worse than Betty and they were headed home. I could not wait until they got back to Masese. So to kill the time I played with Lois little girl Sophia. I sat in the yard in front of the clinic for awhile and then she got me by the hand and said “come it is time we go to the office” I look up at her mom and said you heard my boss she says I need to go to the office. So she and I went to the office to color and I taught her to color by numbers.

At 3:30pm I could not take it any long I had to go to Masese to see “Sweet Betty” and this other angel. I got a boda and head out. I tried to take in the sights, sounds, and even the smells of that drive but really all I could think about was Betty and this other angel and praise GOD that they were going to get help. I arrived at Renee’s home and entered the compound to be greeted by Charles who say “you are most welcome”. I thanked him and rushed past him to go inside to see “Sweet Betty”. Renee met me at the door and said they had not been home long I asked where she was and she was laying on the couch. I went in and set down beside her and talked to her for a few minutes.

I went back to Renee to thank her again for helping these two little angels and she took me to meet the other little girl Nabakoza. She was about the same size as Betty but she was not taken care of like Betty. Renee said when Moses took her to the home of this child where they found her naked sitting in her own waste and beating a cup on the floor. She had not been bathed in a very long time and not eaten in days. She had really bad bed sores where she had sit and lied in one place to long (thankful Betty had none of those). She also had jiggers all in her feet, in her bottom and in her elbows from where she had been on the ground for so long.

As she was telling me about this poor little girl all I could do is THANK GOD that she was going to get help and that she was going to have a chance. I was also PRAISING GOD that Betty had been taken care of as well has she had. I then left the room of this dear angel and went back to see my “Sweet Betty”. I told how much I loved her and how thankful I was that she was going to get fat. I told her Auntie Renee would take good care of her. She just looked up at me with those big eyes and smiled.

I can’t wait to see what a difference GOD is going to make in these to angels lives. I know HE is going to do some amazing things in their lives and mine. Then I got back on my boda and stated back to Jinja. I went back by the babies home to check on a couple things before heading home.

I was so tired when I got home that I laid down for an hour before doing anything else.
I shared with Helen about Betty and the other little girl over dinner.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

15 August 2010

I got up this morning to the power being off again and it had been off since the middle of the night and it stayed off until almost 4. Since there was no power I spent the day reading and studying GOD’S word and here are some verses that HE reviled to me during my power outage today.


Jeremiah 29:11

I say this because I know what I am planning for you," says the Lord. "I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future.

Ephesians 3:20

With God's power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine.

Philippians 2:3-4

When you do things, do not let selfishness or pride be your guide. Instead, be humble and give more honor to others than to yourselves. Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.

Matthew 16:24-27

Then Jesus said to his followers, "If people want to follow me, they must give up the things they want. They must be willing even to give up their lives to follow me. Those who want to save their lives will give up true life, and those who give up their lives for me will have true life. It is worthless to have the whole world if they lose their souls. They could never pay enough to buy back their souls. The Son of Man will come again with his Father's glory and with his angels. At that time, he will reward them for what they have done.

John 15:12-13

"This is my command: Love each other as I have loved you. The greatest love a person can show is to die for his friends.

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength.

GOD has a way of using us for HIS good no matter what our personal motivations are. GOD works within out heart to reveal what our true calling is. We just have to be willing & faithful for HIM to work through us for HIS TRUE PURPOSE to done and this will make a difference in the lives of those around us and HE WILL RECEIVE THE HONOR AND GLORY FOR IT ALL.

It was good to have some alone time with GOD and some much needed rest. Then I went out to see my dear neighbor Lois, I have not see her since Thurs since I was in the village Friday and she was gone most of the day yesterday. I took her some of the green beans and potatoes I had fixed yesterday. We had a good chat, she caught me up on the things at the babies home and then she asked me how my trip the village went so of course I had to tell her all about Betty and she Praise GOD with me that she had improved and was going to get help. We talked a good well longer and then I played in the yard with one her little girls (the other is visiting family) so Sophia and I played ball awhile before I had to go in to get dinner started.

14 August 2010

Today I was home all day looking after a sick roommate who has strep throat so I stayed home and typed and cooked. I fixed fresh green beans and potatoes, cooked carrots and baked a HAM ( from the states). My roommate asked me was it thanksgiving I told her no it was just a gift from home. So this week I have enjoyed several wonderful foods from home like mac & cheese, a chicken sandwich and several other things. THANKS so much for loving me.

I did a lot of thinking today about my 5 months here in Uganda. Here is what I have learned:

My name is Muzungu or “Auntie Tracey” and even sometimes Mama.

“I go where?” I go to Jinja Uganda East Africa or Amani Baby Cottage

“To do what?” to serve GOD and to care for HIS children whether they are at the orphanage, street boys or out in a village.

I am here because GOD called me here and I will stay and serve HIM here as long as HE wants me here. HE brought me here to Serve HIS CHILDREN and to love them like no one else can. And if nothing else happens while I am here I know HE SENT ME HERE FOR BETTY.


13 August 2010

I got up early to get ready to go out to the village to see my “Sweet Betty”, to be honest I can not wait to see her and to see if Renee can help her. Renee & Shana pick me up first then we picked up Teresha and her team and head out. We got there to find a lot of people waiting but Betty was not there yet. Teresha had asked me to give another GOD slot this morning but when we arrived there was a political person there giving a speech. So I went inside the clinic and started getting meds ready to give out.

Then when he was finally done Emma came to get me and said it was my turn. Emma is my translator and so he and I told the story of “the Prodigal Son’ or “the Lost son” and then I told them that the father in the story is just like how GOD is with us HE is waiting with HIS open arms for us to return to HIM and how like this father gave the fatted calf, GOD gave the ultimate sacrifice HE gave His only SON for our sins.

Just as I started back in Teresha and Renee were starting out because Betty was her and they were going out to see her. So I continued to count pills and get packets ready then Emma came back to the clinic to tell me I did a good job and to thanked me for telling that story because it had been a very long time since he had heard that story and that it was so good to hear again.

Teresha returned and said that Renee was going to come back Monday to pick up Betty and take her to “SERVING HIS CHILDREN“. That is if Mr. Opio the local probation officer okays it. (We are PRAYING that it happens). Words can not express just how grateful I am and I praise GOD for her getting this chance to get better. I know she has a long way to go but I also know that I serve a GOD of miracles and that HE is the great physician. I had to go out and see her for myself and oh I my eyes could not believe it and I wanted to shout for joy because she has already improved so much from last month. She is not the same little girl I met 3 months ago.

As most of you know I met this dear child in June when I made my first trip out with “Spring of Hope” out to rural areas of Kayunga, Mukono districts in Wabwoko where they do their clinical services. I had already heard about this 14 year old child which Moses the Occupational therapist for “Spring of Hope” had met just a few days before. Betty is a 14 year old little girl who suffers from very bad malnutrition, Cerebral malaria and cerebral palsy just to start with.

I first noticed Betty in her mother’s arms and was not until later that I saw her fragile bony little arms and legs. She stole my heart right away but she was so bad that I thought she would ever make it until the next month we I came out again and I also never thought that her mom would actually use the money I gave her to feed Betty. But PRAISE GOD she did and there has an improvement last month when I came out in July.

I’m so thankful that GOD put all of this together and that Betty is going to get the much needed care she needs. I also found out yesterday that her mom is in the hospital in a coma and that her dad is not around because he has 7 wives so her sister brought her to the clinic today. I was talking to Renee about her and she said she can’t believe that she is 14 and has made it this long as frail, and malnourished as she is. I told her that one of my boys (my nephew) back home that just turned 14 this week and that I am very thankful and Praise GOD that Will is so health and happy and apart of such wonderful and loving family.

I sit there and just loved on this dear child and held her little hands and she held on to my finger and smile at me as I talked to her about her going to Auntie Renee’s next week. I told her I would come and check on her and take her swimming and for milk shake real soon. I praise GOD that this child is going to have a fighting chance and that her family will be taught how to feed her and care for her.

Moses poked me while I was holding her and asked me was I happy. I told him YES and he asked me could I see the difference in her over the last 3 month. I told him YES that she was not the same child that I first met and that she had really improved. He said even her color has gotten so much better.

Then I went back in hand continued to count out meds and hand them out. We saw over 125 kids today from 10 to 4 and to GOD BE THE GLORY. Emma, Charles and Moses all told me well done and thanked me for my long day of hard work

We waited and waited for our matatu (taxi) to show up. As we sit there waiting I was telling Moses again just how excited I was about Betty’s improvement over the last 2 months and how I could not wait to see how she does in this feeding program and how she will do with some physical therapy. I told him that I was truly afraid that first month that I met Betty that she was not going to be alive when I came back out last month. But she was and she had improved last month and now she is even more improved than ever before. I praise GOD for that and for the help she and her family are about to get.

Moses told me he too did not think that she was going to make it either at first, he thought he was about to lose another child to malnutrition. He thank me for being willing to help and the asked me was still going to be around for awhile and I told yes good. He said GOD has really used here and not just with Betty. He told me that you have also made a difference in the life other girl you started helping in June the 15 year old that was sleeping out on the street. She is no long out on the street being raped, she is back with her grandmother and on meds because you are willing to support her every month. He said I know GOD still wants to use you here. I PRAISE GOD for the differences HE is making here.

Then as we continued to wait for our matatu we were sitting on the ground behind our registration tent and I notice some children from the village getting braver and braver by getting closer and closer to me and saying muzungu, hey muzungu so I smiled at them and waved. I started taking pictures of them and asking them did they want to see and then they realized not only could I take pictures but I could video them. They would say muzunga I sing for you or muzunga I dance for you so I would record them and show them what they did. They loved it and this entertainment continued for over an hour.

It was just after 6 when our matatu finally showed up and it was a long ride home. They made dozens stops to pick people up and drop off. At one point this 14 passenger van had 21 and a chicken plus a lot of other things. So it makes for along bumpy ride. When we finally arrived in Jinja (Home Sweet Home) Teresha and I walked into town to get something to eat and on the way there she turned to me and said “you really do like kids don’t you” and I said “yes, I love them”, she said “I know you really do because I saw that today.”

12 Aug 2010

Today I made my first trip out to Masese 1 to see Renee’s feeding program and to talked to her about getting “Sweet Betty” in to her malnutrition program. The drive on the back of a boda was breath taking on side and heartbreaking on the other. It was a 20 or so minute drive, one side you see beautiful lake Victoria and one the other this poor village and its dear people.

I got to Renee’s to find the kids already lining up for the feeding program. You see she feeds kids every Tues and Thurs at 1:00. They come with their bowls in hand to receive a scoop of rice, a scoop of beans and a piece of fruit. They start lining up a couple hours before and wait until Charles opens the gates and “Auntie Renee” greets them. Then they form a line and follow her around to the back of the house once that line reach from the back of the house to the gate they start a second line. Once the second line is formed the bless their food and the giving out of rice, beans and fruit begins.

It was amazing to see this what Renee and her friend Shana are doing with for these dear children and to get to be a small part of it today. As Renee scoop rice and Shana scoop beans I gave out an orange to each child and there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children. We started just after 1 and served until almost 3. About 2:30 or so we here down to our last group of children or so we thought when they came to tell us that there were about 20 more at the gate so Renee told them to let them in and we looked at each other and said that was more like a hundred and twenty instead.

Praise God they were all feed. We gave out 4 BIG POTS of RICE & BEANS and a ORANGE to every child. I saw so many children blessed to day by “Serving His Children” ministry today. There were little kids no more than 4 or 5 years old carrying little ones on their backs to get fed.

But this is only part of what Renee and her ministry does the other part is they take in the really malnutrition and works to make them well. And that was the other reason I had came today was to see about getting my “Sweet Betty” into her program and to see if she could help her. I met some of the other kids that she is currently working with like two sets of twins.

Renee and Shana are going to go out to Betty’s village with us tomorrow to see if there is anything that can be done to help her to improve. I can’t wait for her to met this precious child. It was truly an amazing couple hours I spent with this great ministry and I look forward to working with them again really soon.

PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went by Danyne’s to drop off one of her daughters to her that she left with me at the babies home and to have coffee. When I walked in she told me you know you better not say something if you did not real mean. I looked at her really strange because I was not sure what you mean so she reminded me. Last Friday she and I were standing in the yard at the babies home talking when this little girl that I became very close to me over the last 5 months walked by, she said something about the little girl and told her that I thought a lot of this child and that I had even been bringing her a snack a couple afternoons a week.

I said she has gotten to where she comes asking if I am around or in the office and how she has stolen my heart. I then said to her I would take this child in a heartbeat if she did not belong to someone else and it was not until then that I found out that she is actually being fostered by the mama that has her.

Now I am finding out since that conversation last Friday the foster mom has been reported (for what I don’t know) and this child may end up being removed depending on what the probation office decides on Monday. Please pray about this with me as to what GOD would have done. Because I know no matter how much I care for this child I can not take her if it is not GOD’S WILL for me too. Realistically how can I even think about it I have no job, no income, no home, no insurance just to name a few. All I could give her is LOVE and show GOD’S LOVE. Please pray that she would find the FOREVER GOD wants her to have.

11 August 2010

I went this afternoon to teach my street boys only to find out that Jonathan my interpreter was not there again this week for me to be able to teach the boys. Last week he was gone to take a sick child to the hospital but this week I don’t know where he was.

Last week I brought them a video slide show of all the pictures and videos I have taken of them since I began coming to see them. They were so excited to see themselves on a television screen and to hear themselves sing and quote their bible verses. They thanked me over and over for their gift. This week I took them some of the notebooks that Jane, Kristie and Julie had sent me this week. And they hugged and thanked me again.

I may not have been able to teach them these last two weeks but I was able to share the love of Christ with them. And give them things they needed because of my friends in Tunnel Hill. Thank you for all you do for me and these children.

I returned to the office to find Mama Agatha and Mama Susan in a deep Ugandan conversation. Then Mama Agatha asked me how my teaching went and I told her that my interpreter was not there again. They both told me sorry and begin talking in Ugandan again and then Mama Susan asked me was I reaping here and Agatha just smiled. I told her I did not know if I was reaping here but I thought that I had done some sowing here or at least I hoped I had. Mama Agatha smiled said you are reaped in just look at "your girl" and the other children who come to find you and smile when you take them in your arms or talk to them, look at these boys you go to see each week and the kids in the village you go out to visit and work with. Look at Betty and the other teenage you have help and there are a lot of other things too. So Mama Susan looked at me said you are reaping but you just may not know it and no one else may not realize it until you are gone; you don‘t really no what an impact you make somewhere until you are going and not there to do anymore.

10 August 2010

Today is going to be another one of those hard days I got up at 3:00 after not going to bed unto 12 to see one of the girls staying with me off. She was leaving to go to South Africa. Then I went into the office to work on the books and to get ready to say good bye to my dear Grace; who I have go to know and love these least 3 months. I am going to hate to see her go and to say good bye, she does not want to leave but she must return to the states to finish her last year of school. I know God has BIG plans for this young lady.

Today was also sad because it was my Mickey’s birthday and I really not being there to take her out like I have for so many years. But GOD gave me a blessing instead the FEDEX man came to day to bless me with three boxes from home from my dear friends Jane, Julie and Kristie and their dear families. It was truly like Christmas for me. Before I even got home with them I had given two family notebooks for their children to start school with. And I share some of my other goodies it was things they had never had before like pudding and jello just to name a few. I can’t tell you just what these little things mean to them and me. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

9 August

I went in early to worked hard in the office and was there until after 6. Then I went to the Keep with all the long term volunteers and Grace to have her going away meal before she leaves tomorrow. It seems that is all I do here is say “GOOD BYE”.

Today was also very hard because it was my niece Megan’s 8th birthday and my dad‘s 59th birthday as well. I did call them and as I was talking to her and her little sister Aly. Aly told me that they were celebrating Megan’s birthday and getting ready for her party this weekend. Then in this sweet little voice she says “YOU CAN COME” “YOU CAN COME” aunt Tracey “YOU CAN COME“. Her mom tried to explain to her that I am in Africa and I can’t just come like I use too. I have to tell you it was hard not say baby I will get a plane ticket and be on the next plane out come just like you said.

There are several more birthdays this week and month that I am missing out on like Joann’s, Connor, Bella, Grayson‘s, Hallie’s, Kooper’s, Ansley’s and Shelby’s just to name a few. And all of these are going to be really, really hard for me to miss.

7 August

August is going to be very hard for me because I am missing out on all a lot of birthdays of my babies back home and a very special friend. Today is Will’s (my one and only nephew as he use to tell me) he is 14 today it is so hard being this far away from him and all of the others. It is also hard knowing I am missing out on so many things going on in their lives and getting to be there to give them that something especial from their Auntie & to spoil them rotten.

I did do something special today and that was take the kids on a boat ride. I was so excited that I got to take my little girl on her very first boat ride and got to hold her and love on her for a couple hours. I got to show her monkeys, birds, and a couple big monitor lizard. It was wonderful seeing it all through her eyes and being able to take her on her first boat ride. I thought to myself how could anyone have abandoned this precious child? And left her at a gate like she was garbage. I look into those BIG brown eyes and my heartaches for her.

Friday, August 13, 2010



Olyotya (How are you?)--I pray this email finds you all well and please know that you are daily in my thoughts and prayers here in Africa. It is hard for me to believe I have now been away from all you and been here in Africa for four months. It has now been a year since my first “AMAZING” trip to Kenya last year and what an “AWESOME’ year it has been. Webaale (Thank you)---for all your prayers for me. I am very fortunate to be from such a praying, loving, and caring church family.

This morning as I lay here in bed with a fever and a very bad sore throat (there is a bad verse that has been going around for several weeks here and it is my turn to have it). What better time for me to watch videos from home and send you all an update from Uganda. I have been watching the “Amazing” revival you had in April and it is so good to see all of your smiling facings and hear “Awesome” choir of Tunnel Hill 1st Baptist. I praise GOD for each and everyone of you and thank for allow me to be a part of your family. Oh how I miss being there and serving there with all of you in Tunnel Hill but I know God has called me to serve HIM here.


“Sometimes your calling, comes in dream Sometimes it comes in the Spirit's breeze,
You reach for the deepest hope in me, And call out for the things of eternity. But I'm a man, of dust and stains, You move in me, so I can say,
Here I am, Lord send me, All of my life, I make an offering, Here I am, Lord send me, Somehow my story, Is part of your plan, Here I am
When setbacks and failures, and upset plans, Test my faith and leave me with empty hands, Are you not the closest when it's hardest to stand? I know that you will finish what you began.
These broken parts you redeem, Become the song, that I can sing
Overwhelmed by the thought of my weakness, And the fear that I'll fail you in the end, In this mess, I'm just one of the pieces, I can't put this together but you can.”

As I listen to the words of this song and they hit home for me. I have to tell you it still blows my mind that somehow my story, is part of HIS plan, and that HE chose to use me even with all my setbacks and failures, and upset plans, and believe me they test my faith and leave me with empty hands, standing here overwhelmed here in Uganda on a daily bases wondering why am I even here, wondering what good am I doing and there are days I am so overwhelmed by my weakness and fears that I have failed HIM here in Uganda.

But I know that in my weakness and brokenness HE is made strong and HE will pick up all the broken pieces and make it into what He intended for it to be. And I also know that GOD will finish what HE began in me here in Uganda.

And to be honest with you I may never know why HE chose to send me here to JINJA UGANDA or what my real purpose for being here was. But one thing I know without a doubt is that GOD HIMSELF is the one who sent me here to serve HIM however HE see fit and where ever HE needs me to sever that day. For instates just like today HE needed me to be home sick in bed with a fever and sore throat.

I may never see the fruits of any of my labor here and that is ok . GOD has allowed me to helped HIM tilled the ground and helped HIM plant some of the seeds here. And one day GOD will harvest what HE was planted here. To HIM be the GLORY AND HONOR FOR IT ALL.

I HAVE TO TELL YOU HE HAS DONE SO TRULY REMARKABLE THING IN MY LIFE IN THIS PAST YEAR AND ESPECIALLY THESE FOUR MONTHS THAT I HAVE BEEN IN AFRICA. And it is all because HE has been the one writing HIS story in life not me. When I left my dear family and friends back in Tunnel Hill 126 days ago now I had really NO idea what I would be doing here or even where I would live or how long I would be here. Since I have arrived in Jinja on March 24th I have had the honor and opportunity to serve GOD in so many, many ways. I have been BLESSED beyond measure by people here and in the states. HE has provided a place to stay and so much more. For all of this I give GOD the HONOR and GLORY for it is HE that has done all of this not me.

In these short 4 months HE has opened my heart and eyes in so many ways and to things I never imagined. I have been able to serve HIM in areas I never dreamed possible. He has given me the opportunity to serve HIM in an very small office on a computer doing while the books for Amani (I have gotten to share HIS love with some of my Uganda MAMAS while making sure they are paid and babies have food to eat, I have even gotten Mama Agatha hooked on my “American Praise and Worship music). HE gives me the chance to hold and love on babies and children all day long. HE has also given me the opportunity to be an encouragement to several of young ladies who have come here to volunteer at the babies home over these 4 months. HE has allowed be to teach MK kids VBS and to serve and minister to their parents. HE has given me the to work with one of the local church in children’s ministry. HE has given me the honor and privilege to get to know and teach 18 boys who once were street kids (I go once a week to tell them a bible stories and teach bible verses from bible drill). HE has blessed me by allowing me to be able to be a part of “Spring of Hope’ once a month by going out into one the village to help care for disabled kids and because of HIS previsions I have the honor of being the sponsor for 2 of those dear precious children. HE has given me time and time again to share HIS story the one that HE has written on my life to the people here. HE has allowed me to become very close to several of the missionary’s kids and Ugandan mama’s kids here and I am very honored to be called their “Auntie” and they know I love them and would do anything I can for them. HE has allowed to see 4 children go to the states and 6 go back to their families here in Uganda since I have been here. HE has also found family for one child that we did not know about. HE has blessed me to be a good neighbor because when HE blesses me with food and things and I share everything I have with my neighbor and her family (she told me that I am a very good neighbor and that that is hard to find here in Africa she also told me that she believes that GOD did not send me here for Amani but that HE sent me here for her and her family). GOD has given me the opportunity to serve HIM in so many ways including sickness and now even death.

So where do I even begin this email there has been so much take place since my last newsletter home. I know I serve a BIG, and MIGHTY GOD who PROVIDES and PROTECTS me everyday of my life.

Here is one great example of HIS protection over me here; as most of you have heard by now on 11 July 2010 at least 74 people have been killed in twin bomb attacks in Kampala (about a 2 hour drive away from me). The victims were watching the FIFA World Cup final in Kyadondo Rugby Club and the Ethiopian Restaurant. Al Shabab, a militant Somali Islamism group claimed responsibility. It claims the attacks were in retaliation for Uganda's decision to send peace keepers to Somalia.

I am very thankful for GOD’S protection and intervention in this because as I shared with some of you already; me and our medical director (Siouxanne) had originally planned on going to Kampala that weekend so I could get lab work done but thanks to GOD’S intervention it ended up being the second Friday of the month which when I go out to one of the villages with “Spring of Hope” to give out medicines to sick and disabled children and so I had asked Siouxanne could we reschedule for the next weekend. So on Monday when we heard about what had happen we both PRAISED GOD for HIS PERFECT TIMING and PROTECTION because HE is the one who rescheduled our trip and kept us out of harms way for one of the place we would have gone would have been that Ethiopian restaurant.

We have been asked to take precautions by the U.S. Embassy in Uganda they are encouraging U.S. citizens in Uganda to strongly consider the risk of attending large public gatherings because these events can provide vulnerable targets for extremist or terrorist groups.

There was a big agriculture fair here in Jinja that started 2 days after the bombing that brought in people from all over Africa (it has held in a field just down the road from the house I am in). So to be on the safe side we told all our volunteers not to attend just in case that was the next target and we have also stopped meeting as big group at on of the local restaurants here just to be safe (it is ran by Muslims and they know a large group of American meet there every Sunday at 6:30). There is also a big summit of all the Africa leaders that just started in Kampala so continue to pray for safety here.

I just want to THANK YOU for all your prayers for “Baby Peace” has most of you know by now she went home to rest in the arms of JESUS on 17 July 2010 after much suffering and sickness. Please continue to pray for her mom Ashley. As you know it is never easy to say goodbye or to let go of someone you love especially a child. But Peace’s little body had so much fighting against her (she has HIV positive, she had TB, pneumonia

and they were afraid that she also had cerebral palsy. GOD in HIS great wisdom showed HIS mercy on this dear child and took her home with HIM to be HEALED. But it was very hard for this young mother it have to let her go but through HIS GRACE she was not only able to pray Lord of she can not get well please don’t let her suffer any please take her home to be with you and it was also through HIS GRACE she was able to take her little body back to village from which she came to be buried by her dad.

This was very hard it was a very hard and very bumpy 3 hour ride to this little village and shortly after we arrived in the village Peace birth mom came to Ashley and said “now that Peace gone why don’t you take Sharon“ ( Peace’s older sister who is 3). Several of you have asked about this little girl, Ashley did not take her because she is a health and happy here in her own village being raised by her Grandmother (her father’s mother) and she does NOT have HIV so her chances for survival here are good and she is loved by her father’s family. Ashley said she did not believe you should take a health, happy child out of the village she loves. Please continue to pray for Ashley and her other daughter Diana (who also is HIV positive).

I thank GOD for Ashley and her willingness to love these sick children. I also thank GOD that HE allowed me to be there for Ashley in her time of need that only HE could do.

We have see a lot of death here in Uganda these last few weeks. This past Wednesday a boat went down on the lake here with between 30 to 45 people on board. No one could swim and the bodies were not recovered. They don’t know if it was because the boat was to full or because the very hard rains we had that afternoon or maybe even both. So please keep these families in your prayers.

I PRAISE GOD that we had oxygen here at the babies home and was able to take care of Peace when the hospital ran out. I also PRAISE GOD that 2 of our children got to go back home with their father. Mebra and Isaac our oldest set of twins. Their mom died when they were babies and they have been with us since they were little. Their father always come to check on them and always said one day he would be able to take them back home and that day has finally came.

Yesterday we had “Christmas in July” at the babies home with all the “mamas”. The mamas called it “The Day of Love”. We exchanged names a couple weeks ago with mamas. They were so excited about this day that they are the ones who set the limit for it for the gift we were to spend at least 10,000 shillings which is $5.00 USD which meant that a lot of them had to really sacrificed to buy their friends gift. We arrived and they were all in their smart clothes and so excited to exchange their gift. So some mamas gave glass ware, pots, pans, dishes, even clothes and other things. They laughed, sang and danced they all had such a great time. Then we had homemade cinnamon rolls and sodas.
They enjoyed the day so much that they have asked can we do it again in December.

Thank you for all your prayers and love for me. Continue to pray for HIS WILL to be done here and in my own life. Pray for Ashley has show grieves the death of her baby. Pray for the families that lost loved ones in the bombs and in the boat accident. Pray for me as I teach this young boys that they will come to know JESUS as their savior. Pray for the 53 babies we have left at the babies home that they would all get “FOREVER FAMILIES”. Please continue to pray for safety here. Pray for Martin Simiyu and Possibilities Africa as they get ready to minister to children in the village again. Teaching over 2500 children in 3 communities on Living by Christian Values. Village Vacation Bible School Monday, August 16, 2010 at 12:00am Mbeere (16th to 21st) Ahero, Bokoli (23rd to 28th). Thank you again for all prayers.

10 July 2010

10 July 2010

I know it has been weeks since my last email home and I am so sorry for that. We
have not had a good Internet connections in a while now. I have now been in
Africa almost 4 months and as most of you know I had to leave Uganda and return
in order to renew my visa for another 3 months. So I to a little 3 1/2 day trip
over to Kenya to visit with Martin and PA.

It was wonderful to see Martin and Pastor Rodgers and to meet Sylvia who
manages PA's office and helps with their children programs. She is truly
amazing, I enjoyed getting to know her and to get to spend time with her. She
and Stephen took me to do a lot of very interesting things while I was there
like see baby elephants, feeding giraffes, seeing tribal huts & dances and how
an orphanages in Kenya are ran compared to Uganda. It was a great time of
christian fellowship and rest. I am very thankful to each of them for
everything they did for me while I was there. I went to Kenya in hopes of
helping PA with somethings and they ended up ministering to me instead. It was
an amazing and awesome few days. They put me up in a wonderful guesthouse called
the Mayfield which mostly houses missionaries with Africa Inland Mission
International. It was wonderful to meet all this missionaries from all over the
world and to hear their stories.

I then I flew back to Uganda to say good bye to Stephanie and her family ( this
is Danynee's the director of Amani's sister) and to pick up Danynee's two little
girls. Stephanie has been in Uganda for 8 months now working on her 3rd
adoption from Amani. Her and her mom moved me into her parents house just
before I left for Kenya so I can house sit for them while they are back in the
states. So I am no longer sleeping at the babies home or sharing a small room
with 4 to 5 other people. I am now in the Big house all by myself. I am not
sure I really like all the alone time. I am about a 15 min walk from here to
the babies home (it is like walking from Larry Anderson's to Shop Rite twice a
day). So for safety reasons I have to be home before dark (between 6:45pm &
7:15pm) unless I am with a group of people. And since I have been here there was
a break-in two house down from me. I am in a fenced in compound with a guard
but even that does not always keep you safe here. I have an attic full of bats
so I don't know which is worse crying babies all night or screeching bats. And I
also have electrical problems here, I have been shocked really bad about 4 time
now since I moved in. But the one good thing about being in this compound is
that out behind me in the boys quarters lives Lois and her family (she is the
head Ugandan Mama at the babies home). I told her if she hears me scream she
better come running.

I have to be honest with all of you, there are still days that I struggle here
to feel like I fit in and my not all alone here. And there a days that I really
wonder what good I am doing here and why GOD would want to use me here or for
that matter any where else. There are days I am ready to call all of you back
home and say go head get me a ticket out of here I am ready to come back to the
states. Last week was defiantly one of those weeks. There were several days
that I sit in the office all day long trying to get numbers to balance and
mama's paid and wondering what is the point of me being here. There were also days
last week that I held a very sick child in my arm wondering if he would even make it or not. ( I praise GOD he has improved but we are still not sure what he had and if there will be any
lasting effects from it.) I have never felt so helpless so scared. Later on in
the week Mama Lucy told me & some of the ladies that she throw that child in my
arms on Monday because she thought he was going to die in hers.

So I have had a hard time last week knowing what good am I here? What have a
truly accomplished these last 4 months? Have I really done anything to further
the kingdom of GOD. Then I walk out into the yard where the most of our 55 kids
play everyday and the start yelling "Auntie Tracey" "You go where?" "You do
what? and then they come running to hug me or I come home walk into my compound
to two little girls running across the yard to jump in my arms and yell "Auntie
we have missed you, welcome back" or have Danynee's two little girls tell me for
a week when we get ungrounded on Friday and we want to come to your house to
spend the night with you.

Then there is days like yesterday where I spent my whole day in the village
given out meds to disabled kids with "SPRING OF HOPE". Where I rocked a child
(Betty) in my arms that was not much taller then Ty or Jase and couldn't have
weighed more than 20 pounds and her arms and legs are no bigger around then a
stick. The really sad thing is that she Taylor's age (she is 14 years old) and
has never walked or talked, her hand stay closed up in a fist all the time.

Thank GOD that I have had the honor of help provide food for her for the last 2
months. And to see her yesterday and to see that she has started to improved
from when I first met her last month was amazing and I praise GOD for the
improvement & so very thankful. Betty is not out of the woods by no means and
they is still a chance we could lose her. But I praise GOD for this months

I have also started teaching a group of 18 boys one day a week that use to live
on the street. I was so excited for them this week because they all knew their
bible verse. I was very proud of them for all their hard work. They don't know
English so the young man who lives with them at the home and takes care of them
(Jonathan) translates for me when I tell them there story each week. But they
are learning their bible verse and songs in English and doing a really awesome
job. I wish Ms. June was here to teach them all her little motions and songs.

I have been told that the first year in a foreign country is always the hardest
and that it will get better. I have to say that these last 4 months have truly
been a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. Being away from all of you
and my beloved church and being here all by myself has been very difficult at
times. I know GOD has a purpose and a plan for my being here and I will give
HIM the honor and glory for everything that HE has done and is still doing
here. I know HE will continue to provide for me and keep me safe and keep me
as healthy as possible here or where ever HE sends me. I also know that I can't
run home until HE is through with me here.

Thank you for all your prayers and love. Thank you to all of you who have sent
me care packages and thank you to those who are working on care packages right
now. I love hearing and receiving things from home and so do my kids and mama's
that I share with. Thank you for all that you do for me and have done for me. I am so
grateful to all of you for everything. I can not tell you enough just how much it all means
to me and how I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please keep your prays and
emails coming and all your love.

Please continue to pray for me that GOD'S will is done in my life and that HE
would have the honor and glory for it all. Pray for my saftey and health that I
would get rid of this bug that I have had now for 2 months. I am suppose to go
to Kampala next week to have lab work drawn to see what is going on and what I
have pick up here. Pray for the baby boy and Betty the 14 yr old girl I told you
about. Pray for Ashley and her two little girls they both are sick and her
youngest Peace may not make it. Continue to pray for the 55 kids we still have
at the babies home that they will get families ( in the 4 months I have been
here 4 have been adopted to the states, 1 foster in Ungana and 3 have gone back
to there family with 2 more getting ready to return to their family). Pray for
"SPRING OF HOPE" and all that they are trying to do. Pray for Judy as she and
here little girl are still waiting for her visa to go home and pray for Amy as
she is waiting for her court date to take her 2 boys home. Also pray for Kelly
who broke her leg here last week and she has to be off of it for 4 weeks. There
so many other thing so please pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I better close for now, please know that I am praying for all of you. And I look
forward to hearing from all of you soon.

Blessings In Christ,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello from Africa there has been so much here that GOD has allowed me to be a part of since my last email home. I told you in my last email home how I had the chance to work with the street kids and the children's ministry day at Calvary Chapel. While on June 3rd - 6th GOD gave me the opportunity to serve HIM in a very different way, this time with Missionary kids mostly Muzungu. There was around 50 or so missionaries from the IMB where here in Jinja. They were from Jinja, Kampala, Kenya and even the Sudan they were here for a 4 day prayer retreat. While they were here I had the privilege for serving as one of their children volunteers and teaching their children in VBS for those days.

I have to tell that doing VBS here in Africa is very challenging do to limited supplies and things don't always work here, like they do in the states either. I have be truly honest with you I really missed our supply closet at Tunnel Hill, being able to go Wal-Mart or calling the best church secretary around to have her order stuff for me and of course all of you who help with VBS at Tunnel Hill.

How I wish these MK and the children of Africa could see and experience how we do VBS in the states. They could not truly imagine just how VBS is suppose to be done. And you think you are tired after doing VBS from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm each night there in the states you should try doing it here in this heat from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm with only a break for lunch.

God can and does great things even with limited supplies. It was great to see these precious children bond with each other over these few days. And to hear them interact in the story telling. I looked into these precious faces of these dear boys and girls during that week and see future missionaries, Sunday school teachers, preachers and worship leaders. I can not wait to see just how GOD uses each of them as they grow up to be men and women serving HIM. I am very thankful for this chance to be a small part of their lives even if it is just for a few days.

I am also very thankful for all of your prayers during that week. I asked you specifically for a certain little preschooler and I praise GOD that I can report to you that I truly bonded with that precious little boy and I am ever thankful to report to you that your prayers were answered and he never said “THAT WORD” the whole time I had him. Please continue to remember him and his family in your prayers as the face great challenges in the Sudan.

On Sunday I had the chance to not only serve the children but also serve all their parents as well. We had on last meal together before they all headed back to their homes. We went eat at Serge’s for pizza and he were short handed and since he is husband to the owner of the baby cottage I serve at I filled in for him and took drink orders and delivered drinks and pizzas to over 70 people. (GOD will use you in a lot of ways if you are just willing to let HIM).

This week I got a great and wonderful surprise from home it was the care package that the Boyd’s, Smith’s, and all of the McClain’s sent me. It was wonderful to receive this fantastic care package. It made my day and the day of so many others as I shared what was in side.

I have to tell you I never knew how such little things can make someone so happy. You see about 4 weeks ago how Mama Agatha one of the dear Ugandan ladies (she is our Ugandan case worker) asked me if I had brought some extra notebooks with me and I told her no I had not. But I had forgotten that I had asked Julie to send me some so when she came into the office on Monday she asked me was the big box sitting there from the states and I told her yes.

Then I asked her did she remember asking me about an extra notebook and she said yes. I told her that my church family had sent me some and I would give her one. She could not believe that I would share with her what you sent me from the states. So I reached down inside that box to pull out a simple spiral notebook and handed it to her and you would have thought that I had given a million dollars. She hugged me and thanked me over and over so I asked her would one be enough she told me she would make it do. I told her that they had sent me several so I pulled out another one and handed it to her and she hugged and thanked me over and over and told me mama you have truly blessed me with your gift.

Even after being here almost 12 weeks now it still amazes me just how they are so excited over the littlest of things here. That same afternoon I opened a bag a gold fish crackers and shared them with her and several of the other Ugandan ladies here and they had never had anything like that before and to hear and see the excitement when they try these things is totally amazing.

One of the other things in my box that I was very excited about getting was applesauce (which I have been craving but Julie did not know that). On Wednesday I had given Agatha a strawberry granola bar and that got us started on another one of my great conversations about American this one was on farming and canning.

We got to talking about apples and what all can be done with them and I mentioned applesauce. She had never heard of it let alone tried it so I told her that was one of the items in my care package. I told her to hold on of just one minute while I ran up stairs to get something for her. I returned with a cup of applesauce and a spoon. She opened it and ate every last bite she said it was great and thanked me for sharing my American food with her and introducing her to applesauce.

I can not tell you just how much I appreciates all that you have sent me and these dear people. I just want you to know that GOD has used it in ways you can not imagine and for HIS honor and glory alone. So thank you a hundred times over for everything you have done and for all your prayers. I know that this may not seem like big things to you but to these dear ladies it means the world to them and to me that you sent these things. Thank you again for all you have done.

On Wednesday during our ladies bible study we were talking about going to some of the villages and I was telling them I had not been to the village yet here in Uganda and I missed that. Teresha who is the founder of “SPRING of HOPE” ministry said Friday was her clinical and she could really use the help if I wanted to come ago. I told her I would love to and that I would try to get her some other help too.

On Thursday it was truly bitter sweet for me as I moved from the baby’s home in to the owner’s parents house to house sit for the next few months at least. I know I need time away from the baby’s home but I also hated to move because I have been with my roommate Sarah for over 2 ½ months now and hated to leave her and the other volunteers that I had gotten close to. I also don’t know if I will feel safe in a big house by myself when I have lived in a room no bigger than Larry Anderson’s Sunday school class for almost 3 months now with at least 3 to 5 other girls. I moved in with Corky’s wife Dorothy and their daughter Stephanie and 3 of her 7 children. Stephanie has been her 8 months now working on her 3rd adoption here and they will be leaving here just as soon has she gets their visa worked out then I will be alone in this big house.

One of the things that I have done an awful lot of even before I ever left America and arrived in here in Africa is saying good bye, whether it was saying good bye to family and friends back home or to the people here that GOD places in my life for just a short time. I have to tell you that it does never gets any easier no matter who it is or how short a time you have known the person. Thursday night was another one of those nights where we had another one of our good bye dinners and to say our final good byes before someone else left to go back to the states. You know GOD puts people in our lives at just the right season and HIS perfect time so whether it is for a few weeks or for years GOD timing is perfect.

On Friday morning me & my roommate Sarah got up early to meet Teresha Clark of SPRING OF HOPE ministry who is one of the organizations' founders (she has a passion for helping children living with disabilities and epilepsy). We took boda bodas to the taxi park where we got on a van licensed for 14 and ended up with 22. At one point there were 5 people setting in the seat with me on a seat made for 3.

We took the taxi to the this little town were we met Teresha’s team of 3 Ugandan men, Emma (who teaches daily living skills to the children and as the Luganda translator), Charles (records, bookkeeping, organization during the clinic and education), and Moses (an occupational therapist that does a lot of PT and education as well). We all got on another van to drive into the village where there clinic is set up.

We arrived to fined a tent full of people waiting to be seen and waiting for their medication to be given out to them. Teresha had asked me would I be willing to do a GOD slot when we got there. I set under the tent with Charles as he took roll. I started my GOD spot by telling them that in the states we were getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day and I wanted to tell them about a Father that loved them so much that HE gave HIS one and only son for them and that HE would never leave them or forsake them. As I spoke Emma translated for me.

I went in to help count out pills for the clinic for a while. Then I came outside sit with Charles as he took roll. It was then that this little boy came up and grabbed my hand and tried to talk to me as only he could because you see he was deaf. His mother came up and told Charles that he needed to go beck to the deaf school but she had no money to send him. We told her that we would do what we could to send him. She told me as he was trying to communicate with me that he really loved Muzungu. I told her this muzungu loved him too.

I went back in to help count more pills when Moses came in from his nutrition class to tell Teresha that there were two that needed to go to the hospital. He asked what can we do to get them there so she turn to me ( you see on the van ride there she was talking about there need for sponsors so I had told her that GOD had provide some unexpected funds this week from a couple churches back home). Teresha look at me and said you had some extra money with you can you pay to send these kids to the doctor. I told her yes I GOD blessed me with this extra money this week that I was not expecting so yes I will help them. So I gave her the money and Moses asked me to walk back out to his class to met these two mom’s and their children.

It was there in Moses’ nutrition class that I noticed this mom holding this little girl. I am telling you that I have never seen anything like it before, you always hear about starving kids in Africa until you see it with your own eyes you can‘t believe it. This child’s arms and legs are no bigger then a stick. I have never seen anyone so skinny in my life. Moses turned to me and said that this little girl is 14 years old which I could not believe she looked to me be no older than 7 or 8 years old. I have never seen anything so sad as this little girl. She had malaria at 3 months of age, she doesn't talk, has never walked. Moses left me with them while he went in to get Teresha and she came out see this child. She said they needed money to feed this precious child. I gave the mother what they told me to give to feed this child for one month then they explain that they would be checking in on this child weekly to make sure she is improving & that the mother spends the money on milk for her.

I then when back into the clinic to help count out more medication and help out any way they needed. Spring of Hope ministry works to provides Phenobarbital (anti-seizure medication) and folic acid (supplement) to 140 children with epilepsy. When we ended our day it was to get back on the van to leave out of that village and we took the little deaf boy that I started my day out with, with us so we could drop him off at one of the deaf schools.

Then we made one last stop and went to check on a 16 year old that they had found lying in the streets on Tuesday having a epileptic seizures. She has a one year old child that her grandmother is raising. She does not live with her grandmother she lives on the porch of a store in the village because of her condition and a mental illness and while she sleeps on that porch men who come and rape her in the dark of night. This is how she gets money to eat. Moses said that she will probably make 200 Ugandan Shillings (about 10 cents) for sleeping with them. We stopped by to check on her and Sarah and I gave the team money to get her medicine and buy her some food. They will continue to check up on her and hope that one day she will be able to go home.

I praise GOD for this opportunity to be a small part of what this great team is trying to do for GOD here in UGANDA and I look forward to serving with them again. Thank you to those who sent me extra money this week so that it come be used for these dear precious children. Thank you for all your prayers for me.

Continue to pray for these dear families who are trying to get home with there children and get all their paper work done. Gwen arrived back in Uganda on Wednesday and went to her visa appointment Friday now it is just wait and see what they ask for next. It was so good to see her and to she her with her babies.

Today is Tuesday and I received another fantastic care package from home this box was from JoAnn, Geneath, Judy, Judy, Missy and Carole. It was great and everyone is jealous of my American snacks. So I have been sharing with my Ugandan buddy’s and the family I am living with at the moment who has been here 8 months. So thank you so, so much for loving me so much and for sending me a care package.

Please remember me in your prayers as I fly to Kenya tomorrow to visit with Martin and the staff of PA for a couple days. Please pray that GOD will use me in Kenya these days. Pray for safe as I will be returning late on Saturday night and traveling through the forest after midnight and that is not always safe. Please continue to pray that GOD will be glorified and that HIS will is done. Please pray as I will be taking on a new roll at the babies home when I return on top of handling all the business there. They have asked me to help Agatha in reuniting the children that we have who have families in Uganda and to help with the home visits. Also pray as I have also been asked to help Teresha in her ministry and an other missionary has asked if I would pray about working with the street kids on a weekly bases. So please pray that GOD’S will is done.

Thank you for all your prayers for me and I miss you all so, so much. It is hard for me to believe that I have been gone three months. I stand amazed at what I have see GOD do in those three months and just what HE has taught me. I do miss being with each of you and being a part of what you are doing. But I know GOD has a mighty plan here and I am very honored to be just a small part of what HE is doing. I can not wait to see what HE does next and where HE leads me from here. I never imagined that I would have ever been a part of the things HE has allowed me to be a part of and oh the lessons HE has taught me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let me begin by thanking each of you for all your prayers for me and my dad. I PRAISE GOD that everything went well with his surgery. GOD was truly showed me that HE is in control and also with us in our time of need no matter where we are. HE also gave me two awesome room mates during this time that prayed with me while I was waiting for that phone and several other great volunteers that asked me about him. GOD also showed me that there is nothing more I could have done from the states that I was not already doing in Africa. HE is the one in control not me.

HE also allow me the opportunity to talk to one of my Ugandan mamas while we were waiting, she asked me was I worried about what would happen to my dad and I told her no that no matter what happened my dad would be ok and that GOD was in control. She kind of smiled this funny little smile so I asked her what and she said that the owners two girls had just asked her earlier if she noticed that every time you ask Auntie Tracey something she will said “let’s see what GOD has to say about that or “God is in control and if that is what HE wants me to do then I will.” She said they say you are always bring up GOD or talking to GOD. I told her I hope this was always true of me because I really truly to live my life under HIS control.

I have already had to say a lot of good byes in my 2 1/2 month stay here and one was to a very sweet young lady name Natalie she was one of my roommates that prayed for me during my dad's surgery. She and I had several great talks about what God is doing my life and hers. I just got the following email from her and wanted to share it with you:

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! you have been such an encouragement to me!! Through our talks, your prayers for me, and your messages, God has totally used you to bring me encouragement and comfort! The tremendous, unwavering faith that you have in our Lord Jesus is so so inspirational and it really inspires me to be more trusting and faithful in my own walk with God!! Thanks so much for everything Trace!! I cant wait to see and hear about all the God is doing in your life, and how He works during your time in Africa!! i will be praying for you!! Also thanks so much for continually reassuring me that you will always be there for me! It means so much and I appreciate it beyond what words can say!! Your sincerity and love just truly blows my mind!! :) i miss you tons and just want you to know that I too will always be here for you!! please keep me updated on everything going on in your life!! give everyone a big hug and kiss from me!!

God Bless,


I wanted to share these two advents with you not to brag about what I have done because I have done nothing but to remind you that kids and people pick up on everything you say and do and you may never realize it. This is way it is very important that we live our lives pleasing to GOD because we are truly the only BIBLE some people will ever read. You never know who is watching you or listening to your every word. So please live your life as an example of GOD and HIS great love because you may never know just who you are impacting.

May 22nd was another one of those days to remember and I PRAISE GOD for I have now been here two months and as most of you know on April 6th of this year I had the honor of watching two families from Nashville meet their children for the first time one of those was my friend (thanks to Jon & Stacy Pardee) Gwen Oatsvalle and the other was the Hannah family. Gwen is getting two children a little boy and a little girl and the Hannah’s are getting a little boy.

The Hannah’s have stayed in Uganda since they arrived in April to work through all the red tape and the government run around here. Thanks to the flooding that happened in Nashville they were able to job to the top of the line and receive their visa for their son. This is the first guardianship visa issued in Uganda in over 8 or 9 months now. We are very excited about the fact this was done legally and through all the right channels because so much here in Uganda is done by paying people under the table.

It was amazing to be a part of everything this precious had to go through while they have been here. And to watch them bond with their new son these last 6 weeks. It was also amazing to see GOD’S perfect timing in all of this in the fact that the Hannah’s middle child in the states is graduating from high school on May 30 that they will be home for that. GOD is truly amazing and HE is still in control.

Please keep you prayers coming for these other dear families because we still have 3 families that are trying to get visa appointments and several families that are trying to get court dates. So please keep them in your prayers. Gwen is coming back next week for her visa appointment.

Other day while I was walking to town I saw a Uganda woman who I would say had to be in her 60’s. She was trying to balance a 12 foot log on her head. She was having a hard time get it centered by herself so I stopped and asked her get I help so together we lift it and placed it on her head then I handed her the machete and she thanked me and on her way she went. It truly amazes me what these amazing people can carry on their heads and even on the back of a bicycle or motorcycle.

I know what one of the first things I want to do when I do return to Tunnel Hill is and that is get Hunter & Will to teach me to ride a motorcycle. (Will you PLEASE?)

I walk or foot as they call it here most everywhere I go. And this truly amazes the Ugandans and even the Muzungu. I try to smile and say "Hello, how are you?" to everyone I pass by. Most will smile back and say "fine, how are you?" But there are a lot of street kids that will say "Muzungu, you give me my money." And this is hard to hear coming from a child but I have been told that it is not wise to give them money because they will use it to get high.

These dear people here in Uganda have a hard life but they are also so of the happiest people you will ever meet. Most make no more than 2,000 to 3,000 shillings a day which is $1 to $2 USD a day. Could you make it on that? Could you feed and take care of your family on that? Most of them live in houses no bigger then the men bible study class, most have very little electricity if any and no running water. I try to help when I can with some of the ones I have gotten closest to here by feed them when I can and I have even help with a couples their medical expenses.

We get volunteers from all over the US and Canada here. Since I still do not have not found housing I am still rooming with the volunteers on one of the top bunks in a room that sleeps 4 it is not as big as Larry Anderson's Sunday school class room. There are two bedrooms in the volunteer house one sleeps 6 and the other 4 but we have had up to 6 in my room on several occasions now. Then we also have a room in the back were the office is that will sleep 2. Being together 24/7 you get close to most of them and it is hard to say good bye. I have gotten the oppertunity to share what GOD has done in my life this past year with most of them. We have even had a Grandmother here for the last 2 1/2 weeks with her granddaughter. They where from Alabama their names were Dorothy and Macy. So don't say you are to old to go to Africa to serve GOD.

This past Sat morning I got the opportunity to to help serve at Carvery Chapel and to help with their children's ministry event it was a race for kids 5 and up. I took Macy with me and we were asked to work with the kids who were under 5 years old. We had 60 that were under 5 years of age most were street kids and most of them did not understand any thing this Muzungu said but we played with them and sang to them and I even told bible stories to them for over 4 1/2 hours. One of the songs I sang was "Zaccahaeus was a wee little man" and I had one of the Ugandan ladies there come up to me and ask me to write it down for her so she could teach it to her kids later. These kids loved to rub on my white "Muzungu" skin I told them "that they my see me different then them but GOD see us all the same." Then we watched the older kids race and heard their bible stories. It was a fun event there was over 400 or more children there and they all heard about JESUS.

I walked to town just after I finished with that wonderful event and was picked by some of the ladies I have bible study with on Wednesday mornings. They asked me where I had been and I told them I just been with 60 street kids under the age of 5 for over 4 1/2 hours that did not understand Muzungu. And one of them asked me "And that makes you happy?" I told her yes that makes me very happy that I got to minister to them and love on them.

I went to the post office just after that to receive a very special envelope from the PRE-SCHOOLER of Tunnel Hill 1st Baptist Church and also a card from the Adult Sunday school class. That just made my day. I am still look for my care packages from home they still have not arrived yet but in GOD'S perfecting time they will come just on the right day just like these did. Thank you to all my pre-schooler who drew pictures for me. I love and miss each of you every much. Thank you for all your prayers for me and your love that is what keeps me going.

Please pray for me this week I am still not over this BUG that I have taken and I still in a lot of pain and very tire and week. Pray as I am suppose to be teaching missionary children this week and I still don't have materials together yet. Please pray for me as I love on this pre-schooler that they have warned me about that is know for saying the "F" word. Pray that GOD will give me wisdom with him. Pray for the IMB missionaries that will be at this prayer conference that they will get refreshed and restored themselves. Pray for our Ugandan workers several have malaria and pray for our children several have bad colds. I do have a PRAISE one of our Canadian volunteers received Christ as her savior this week. She is the one I told you about in one of my early letters home, the one who had all the questions for me about my "True Love Waits" ring and everything else. God really started dealing with her this week about what happens to you
when you die. So we are very excited to welcome her into the family and that she now knows that she is HIS forever.

God has done and is still doing some amazing things here and I can't wait to see what is next. Thank you for all your love and prayers for me. I miss each of you every much. I am praying for you and your VBS and for Super Wow, how wish I could be there to help. I look forward to hearing from all of you very soon.